DOWNLOAD: Mountains

The Sawtooth Mountains are a mountain range stretching through a number of states, including Idaho. The Sawtooth Mountain range is one of the more ideal places to enjoy skiing, hiking and whitewater raftingin the great state of Idaho. Although Idaho is home to a number of great places to ski, including the Schweitzer Ski Resort and the world-famousSun Valley, the Sawtooth Mountains maintain an appeal to anyone looking for a backwoods skiing experience. Travelers can also enjoy rafting, hiking and climbing in the Sawtooth Mountain Range.


50 Sense EP


Aiight first things first.  I’m not a fan of 50 cent…… sorry to those of you who may have some of his material in your collection.  I’m not saying I hate the man.  I just dont dig him.  Now, many of you have heard me give shouts to Digital Vertigo.  DV is a dj forum that i’ve been a memeber of for years now.  One of the members, DJ Waxon, made an  EP with 50 cent remixes that he did himself.  Similar to how 9th wonder flipped Nas’ Gods Son.  Now once again, I’m not a fan of fiddy.  But the new beats are official and worth sharing.  My mans even took it a step further and layered the remixes over curtis’ existing videos. Check it out.

Download > 50 Sense EP

DJ Waxon youtube >

T-Bear One8III


I heard via Okayplayer that the R&B/Funk/Soul group HEAVy has decided to break up.  It’s a shame really cause they were making solid and inventive R&B music.  And that’s saying a lot.  R&B music is in trouble y’all.  The industry is full of copycat songs and artists that are deathly afraid of taking chances.   Here’s a group that tried some stuff, and it worked.  Check these two out.

just visiting too

DOWNLOAD: Zo! “…Just Visiting Too EP

1. Perfect Angel feat. Yahzarah
2. Nights Over Egypt feat. Carlitta Durand
3. Crazy You feat. Sy Smith
4. Holding You, Loving You
5. My Flame feat. Phonte
6. Somethin Special feat. Yahzarah
7. The Highways of My Life (Pts. 1&2) feat. Darien Brockington

I’ve played the Isley Brothers cover “The Highways Of My Life (Parts 1 & 2) about 8 times just today.  Anyway, folks can you do me a favor?  Add these musical tracks to your computer as soon as possible.  This dude Zo! dropped a free EP of remakes with the help of a lot of the Foreign Exchange clan.  Free music is aight, but GOOD free music is like…butter on ya pancakes.

Over the past few years, I’ve been hearing alot about Japan.  Japan this, Japan that.  Once you go big in Japan, you’ll stay big forever.  I dont know what the deal is, but heres a few people that do:



Download: Jackson 5 In Japan

I just found this one the other day.  I dont even remember why I was looking for it.  But who cares…… its J5!


sleep in japan

Download: Asheru – “Insomnia: Sleepless in Japan


I found this one about a year ago.  Dope stuff.  You probally remember Asheru from the group Unspoken Heard.  Or betta yet, hes the cat that did the theme song to The Boondocks.  So you already know hes official.



Download: J Dilla – “Jay Love Japan

My man Dilla…….. This surfaced after Dilla passed.  I’ve always loved Dilla on production.  But I think I didnt even realized just how talented this kids ear was until he passed.  I’m not even gonna start.  I could talk about songs he did for days on end.


Jones & Cosby



Download: Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby “The Original Jam Sessions 1969” 

Its been raining damn near every day out here sunny markham illinois.  And today I decided to take on the undaunting task of shreding papers and sorting bills.  I like to work to music, but I cant just listen to anything while my 3 year old son is running around.  So as much as I wanted to listen to PE’s It takes a nation….,  I had to choose something a little more tasteful.  So thanks to Donnie, I had the opportunity to listen to AZUR by Stuart Zender.  But I had to keep the funky playlist going.  So as I scrolled thru my music, I came upon this gem that I havent spun in a while.  Bill & Quincy’s original jam sessions.  This joint here makes for great background music.  Dont get me wrong.  Im definetly not taking away from Quincy Jones genius.  But this is the type of music you would hear playing while you were eating dinner at The Mello Yello in Hyde Park.  Its smooth but funky.   Slide this in the next time your moms is having a dinner party and they insist on having the radio on the smooth jazz station.

DOWNLOAD: Chris P “Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair

A beat tape using all D’Angelo samples.  Seems simple enough.  I don’t know who the producer is (cause I’d like to link to his myspace/facebook page).  I have yet to listen It’s OK, it has its moments, but I thought I’d throw this up there for y’all to check out.  In principle, the idea sounds like it could be real funky.  This of course coming from a person who loves listening to random beat tape and instrumental albums. Here are some words from the producer:

i’ve worked on this since 2000.

35 beats total.

i only cheated three times: 1 prince sample and 1 digital underground sample (both to enhance the particular beat), and ?uest’s drums from erykah’s “booty” on two beats. other than that, it’s ALL d’angelo samples.

i left everything raw and jagged with some scattered effects. i did a more polished mix (with lots of compression, eq, fx, etc.), but the raw shit was just more dynamic.

i used all original source CD’s, LPs, 12″s, and CDQ bootlegs. and the “smile” remake on itunes.

i tried to incorporate EVERYTHING d’-related, but i didn’t use “water no get enemy” and some of the misc rap features.

done out of 100% love for d’s music.