Jones & Cosby



Download: Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby “The Original Jam Sessions 1969” 

Its been raining damn near every day out here sunny markham illinois.  And today I decided to take on the undaunting task of shreding papers and sorting bills.  I like to work to music, but I cant just listen to anything while my 3 year old son is running around.  So as much as I wanted to listen to PE’s It takes a nation….,  I had to choose something a little more tasteful.  So thanks to Donnie, I had the opportunity to listen to AZUR by Stuart Zender.  But I had to keep the funky playlist going.  So as I scrolled thru my music, I came upon this gem that I havent spun in a while.  Bill & Quincy’s original jam sessions.  This joint here makes for great background music.  Dont get me wrong.  Im definetly not taking away from Quincy Jones genius.  But this is the type of music you would hear playing while you were eating dinner at The Mello Yello in Hyde Park.  Its smooth but funky.   Slide this in the next time your moms is having a dinner party and they insist on having the radio on the smooth jazz station.


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  1. 1 dseals

    good stuff.

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