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Over the past few years, I’ve been hearing alot about Japan.  Japan this, Japan that.  Once you go big in Japan, you’ll stay big forever.  I dont know what the deal is, but heres a few people that do:   Download: Jackson 5 In Japan I just found this one the other day.  I dont […]

Jones & Cosby


Download: Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby “The Original Jam Sessions 1969”  Its been raining damn near every day out here sunny markham illinois.  And today I decided to take on the undaunting task of shreding papers and sorting bills.  I like to work to music, but I cant just listen to anything while my 3 […]

DOWNLOAD: The Baby Huey Story “Hard Times“ Bear gets on me for “snitchin’ & violatin’” © DJ Premier, but I don’t care.  Showcasing the origins of samples has opened me up to all kinds of music.  Honestly due to all the samples of sped up soul, jazz, funk and rock, I haven’t had time for […]

ALL THIS WEEK ON HSD! I’m working on it now. You know I can’t mention (or tag) the name, but YOU know.

DOWNLOAD: The Jackson Podcast After hearing my guys Mike and Nelson over at Erroneous Noise (specifically the Herbie Hancock show), I thought to myself, “I think I’m going to do a show on The Jacksons.”  And so I took down some notes about how the show should go and what songs I was going to […]

Mike & Nelson have found a home! Make sure you bookmark Erroneous Noise on your browser, or add their RSS feed to your reader. And to celebrate their new home, you can also download their newest podcast on the Mizell Brothers. DOWNLOAD: Erroneous Noise – The Mizell Brothers (updated show)

TIME TRAVELIN’ PODCAST ERRONEOUS NOISES Mike T. & Nelson Grant DOWNLOAD: EPISODE ONE – Herbie Hancock Can I share something with y’all? I don’t consider myself a music head. I’m a music fan, but not a head. Not with Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Funk, whatever. I find my music through friends and associates who I […]