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Large Professor “For My People” // The LP (1996) I have a ton of playlists on my iPOD. Too many to name honestly. One of those playlists consists of hip hop songs that I personally consider perfect. From the beat to the delivery of the MC, everything matches up and gels in perfect unison. I […]

I got a love hate relationship with youtube. You can find damn near anything on youtube. But youtube will steal hours of your day. Just cant stop clicking on links. Well anyway, I thought I’d share some of my findings of today. Boogie Monsters – Thresholds Of Negative Stress More 90’s flava. This reminds me […]

This French documentary captured some very interesting moments and footage of Marvin. Some of the beginning narration is in French, but around the 4 minute mark you get to hear from Marvin himself regarding his childhood, what music he likes and what he thinks about Europe. Great great footage for us Marvin fans. It’s worth […]

For my first post on HSD I’ve decided to hit you with 3 random joints that are extremely pleasing to the ear. I could blab on about some BS, but lets just get right to it. The SolSonics “Lift Off” The early 90’s was a great era for hip-hop. But it also sparked a nice […]

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to bring to the stage the host and creator of one of the BEST Hip Hop podcasts on the internet. The wonderful and fabulous T-Bear of Jungle Bassment Radio! Honestly, I can’t say enough about this brotha. His Jungle Bassment Radio podcast is one of the most creative mixes I’ve […]

Rebirth “Stray Away” // THIS JOURNEY IN LP (2005) The idea of the traditional music band is all but dead in the music industry now, but it’s especially dead in R&B music. Earth, Wind & Fire? Parliament Funkadelic? Mint Condition? Everybody playing an instrument? Not going to happen today. It’s just too expensive to pay […]

Eric Roberson “Been In Love” featuring Phonte // Left (2007) 4Hero “Give In” featuring Darien Brockington & Phonte // Play With The Changes (2007) (A great song from an amazing album!) Drake “Don’t You Have A Man” featuring Dwele & Little Brother) (2007)DJ Spinna “Dillagence (One-4-Jay)” featuring Phonte // (2007)