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Bugz In The Attic // Back In The Doghouse (2006) I’ve been thinking about the future of High Speed Dubbing and sometime this year I know I want to have an entire week dedicated to UK R&B/Soul music. I need a name for it like “UK Explosion” (or maybe I should omit the “E” and […]

Tom Browne “Come For The Ride” // Yours Truly (1981) I found this song through a two disc compilation CD put together by the Bugz In The Attic crew called Life: Styles. I originally thought it was an album filled with Bugz remixes. Turns out I was wrong, which upset me because a lot of […]

George Duke “Someday” // I LOVE THE BLUES, SHE HEARD ME CRY (1975) Common “Break My Heart” // FINDING FOREVER (2007)

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Coultrain The Adventures Of Seymour Liberty (2008) “Lost In Translation” (additional background vocals blackspade) “Playin’ Catch Up“ I have always worshiped the church that preaches from the “Side 1/Side 2” bible of album construction. For the youth that may be reading, vinyl LP records have two sides, each comprising one half of the album. If […]



Rufus featuring Chaka Khan “Somebody’s Watching You” from the RUFUSIZED LP (1974) Props to Ayana Contreras of of Vocalo and 89.5 FM for introducing me to this Rufus & Chaka joint via a mix CD she made me a while back. This song alone is the reason I’ve started picking up every Rufus & Chaka […]

James Morrison


James Morrison “You Give Me Something” from the UNDISCOVERED LP (2006) I found out about James Morrison, another UK artist, from the guys over at Lessondary Never Secondary (to be more specific, donwill of the hip hop group Tanya Morgan). The song is currently being used on a promotional campaign for some new TV shows […]