D’Angelo Beat Tape


DOWNLOAD: Chris P “Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair

A beat tape using all D’Angelo samples.  Seems simple enough.  I don’t know who the producer is (cause I’d like to link to his myspace/facebook page).  I have yet to listen It’s OK, it has its moments, but I thought I’d throw this up there for y’all to check out.  In principle, the idea sounds like it could be real funky.  This of course coming from a person who loves listening to random beat tape and instrumental albums. Here are some words from the producer:

i’ve worked on this since 2000.

35 beats total.

i only cheated three times: 1 prince sample and 1 digital underground sample (both to enhance the particular beat), and ?uest’s drums from erykah’s “booty” on two beats. other than that, it’s ALL d’angelo samples.

i left everything raw and jagged with some scattered effects. i did a more polished mix (with lots of compression, eq, fx, etc.), but the raw shit was just more dynamic.

i used all original source CD’s, LPs, 12″s, and CDQ bootlegs. and the “smile” remake on itunes.

i tried to incorporate EVERYTHING d’-related, but i didn’t use “water no get enemy” and some of the misc rap features.

done out of 100% love for d’s music.


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