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50 Sense EP


Aiight first things first.  I’m not a fan of 50 cent…… sorry to those of you who may have some of his material in your collection.  I’m not saying I hate the man.  I just dont dig him.  Now, many of you have heard me give shouts to Digital Vertigo.  DV is a dj forum […]

You Hungry???


Tom’s Diner // DNA featuring Suzanne Vega   When you live in my house, everything equates back to a song.  Somebody is either humming or singing or beat boxing a song in this house.  And damn near every situation that comes up in a conversation gets realated back to a song.  Well, this morning my […]

Lets face it, Arsenio Hall was OUR late nite talk show.  And when I say our, that could be taken as black people or hip-hoppers.  It was shortly live and there has never been anything to replace it.  At least not on regular tv.  So what does this have to do with the title of […]

I can count on one hand the number of true Hip Hop heads I know. One of them is High Speed Dubbing’s own T-Bear. The other two come from the south suburbs of Chicago, and they know Hip Hop. Like, they know some odd facts about some of the oddest stuff. Does that make sense? […]