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  This is the 4th installment of Jungle Bassment Radio.  This one was done for the High Speed Dubbing blog.  I took a different approach from what I usually do for Jungle Bassment Radio. Its short but its still for the love of the music, so check it out. 01.  Your in […]

Lets face it, Arsenio Hall was OUR late nite talk show.  And when I say our, that could be taken as black people or hip-hoppers.  It was shortly live and there has never been anything to replace it.  At least not on regular tv.  So what does this have to do with the title of […]

              This is an earlier Jungle Bassment Radio episode that I did before I started Podcasting. My wife Candy picked out all of the songs. I mixed them and put them into the WJBX format. This one is kinda smooth. Check it out. Download: