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DOWNLOAD: HEAVy “JAzzmoneEY$$” I heard via Okayplayer that the R&B/Funk/Soul group HEAVy has decided to break up.  It’s a shame really cause they were making solid and inventive R&B music.  And that’s saying a lot.  R&B music is in trouble y’all.  The industry is full of copycat songs and artists that are deathly afraid of […]

DOWNLOAD: Zo! “…Just Visiting Too EP” Tracklisting: 1. Perfect Angel feat. Yahzarah 2. Nights Over Egypt feat. Carlitta Durand 3. Crazy You feat. Sy Smith 4. Holding You, Loving You 5. My Flame feat. Phonte 6. Somethin Special feat. Yahzarah 7. The Highways of My Life (Pts. 1&2) feat. Darien Brockington I’ve played the Isley […]

Over the past few years, I’ve been hearing alot about Japan.  Japan this, Japan that.  Once you go big in Japan, you’ll stay big forever.  I dont know what the deal is, but heres a few people that do:   Download: Jackson 5 In Japan I just found this one the other day.  I dont […]

DOWNLOAD: Chris P “Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair” A beat tape using all D’Angelo samples.  Seems simple enough.  I don’t know who the producer is (cause I’d like to link to his myspace/facebook page).  I have yet to listen It’s OK, it has its moments, but I thought I’d throw this up there for y’all […]

Stuart Zender


DOWNLOAD: Stuart Zender “They So Cold” AZUR Formally of the wonderful funk band Jamiroquai, bass player Stuart Zender created his solo album AZUR (as you are).  Unfortunately the album was shelved by Virgin Records and it never quite saw the light of day.  “They So Cold” is from that album, and it’s been rumored that […]

You Hungry???


Tom’s Diner // DNA featuring Suzanne Vega   When you live in my house, everything equates back to a song.  Somebody is either humming or singing or beat boxing a song in this house.  And damn near every situation that comes up in a conversation gets realated back to a song.  Well, this morning my […]

DOWNLOAD Human Nature (MJ Tribute)