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high speed dubbing is still here. thanks for sharing the music.thanks for all the feedback and comments.thanks for sharing the ideas. come through tomorrow for the first HSD post of 2008. Advertisements

Tarika Blue “Dreamflower” from “The Blue Path” LP (1977) Erykah Badu “Didn’t Cha Know” from the “Mama’s Gun” LP (2000)

“Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto”from the FUNKY CHRISTMAS LP (1968)

Dirty Mind TourNew York (1981)TRT: 59:01 “Do It All Night”“Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” “Gotta Broken Heart Again”“Broken, Lonely And Crying”“When You Were Mine”“Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)”“Sexy Dancer”“Sister”“I Wanna Be Your Lover”“Head”“Still Waiting” Dez Dickerson (GUITAR, VOCALS)Matt Fink (KEYBOARDS)Lisa Coleman (KEYBOARDS, VOCALS)Andre Cymone (BASS)Bobby Z (DRUMS) (FROM THE BOOK DANCE MUSIC SEX ROMANCE […]

Kool & The Gang “Universal Sound” from Love & Understanding LP (1976) Darien Brockington “Listen” from the Beautiful EP (2005) (I know this isn’t the correct album cover, but it’s going to have to work for now)

“Jefferson” (BETTER MIX/QUALITY) Straight from Wikipedia: Early Years Elzhi first gained notoriety as a rapper during his frequent visits to the legendary Hip-Hop Shop in Detroit during the mid nineties, where he took part in the weekly emcee battles. Originally part of the F.O.D. or Fingers of Death crew, El’ (then called L.Z.) earned his […]

(Straight from the forums of…straight from the mouth of E. Badu) okayi have to do this…been dying to for ever…including DIDNT CHA KNOW,i am responsible for all the arangements and choices of mamas gun.badu produced this albulm.and ALL of my albulms.was not a complete soulquarian production so to speak.we did some songs together tho.i […]