What ever happend to baggy jeans and hoodies????


Lets face it, Arsenio Hall was OUR late nite talk show.  And when I say our, that could be taken as black people or hip-hoppers.  It was shortly live and there has never been anything to replace it.  At least not on regular tv.  So what does this have to do with the title of the post?  Nothing really.  Somebody from another forum shared this link.   I took a look and had instant nostalgia within the first 10 seconds.  Usually I would think about how dope the music was back then….. and yes I said dope!  But instead, all I could think about was what happend to the baggy jeans and hoodies??  These cats today in the nut hugger jeans and skin tight polos is killing me.

One Response to “What ever happend to baggy jeans and hoodies????”

  1. 1 dseals

    What other late night show will you hear anyone…ANYONE get to yell out “THE BLACK MAN IS GOD!” You’re right man, that was our show. We’ll never see it again.

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