Erroneous Noises Podcast


Mike T. & Nelson Grant

Can I share something with y’all? I don’t consider myself a music head. I’m a music fan, but not a head. Not with Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Funk, whatever. I find my music through friends and associates who I consider experts. I have friends that love all types of music, and I always love to tap in to their love and knowledge. And if someone LOVES something, they’ll talk your ear off on it. “You’ve never heard James Brown? Let me tell you about this man.” Three hours later, you’ll have everything you need to get started with James Brown. Mike is one of my friends who I tap for music knowledge. All of the following albums were brought to my attention by this dude:

– Stevie Wonder “Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants”
– Herbie Hancock “Sunlight”
– Common “Electric Circus” (he made me revisit)
– Sam Prekop “Sam Prekop”
– Rotary Connection “Aladdin” “Dinner Music”

…are just a few of the albums he’s turned me on to.

As you can see, dude rarely steers me in the wrong direction. So this podcast is perfect for me, and people that like to hear people talk about music. Both Mike and Nelson spend the next hour talking about Herbie Hancock’s “Secret” LP, a guy who I just recently discovered about a year ago. And what’s nice is that they play the music that they’re talking about. So definitely jump on board with Time Travelin’ check these guys out. And don’t worry, all of their podcasts will get showcased here on HSD. Press play and get groovin’.

One Response to “Erroneous Noises Podcast”

  1. 1 everyonesister

    yo! being married to this mike you speak of makes me smile. this boy has music knowledge like no one else i’ve ever met. i mean, it was mike that stepped up my already appreciation of stevie (i too was awaken to the secret life of plants), adrianna evans, and more. but i like to say i’ve open his ears to some new things too.

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